Navigating around the coasts of Sicily

Sicily is home to small archipelagos that dot this volcanic coast, the Aeolian Islands, the Pelagian Islands, Lipari Ustica, Egadas and Pantelleria. The cruise itineraries are numerous and especially very recommendable to be able to discover all the islands.

Your cruise in Sicily

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean, located just three kilometers from the Italian peninsula, off its southern coast. It will be a trip that all diving and archeologic enthusiasts will particularly appreciate. It is also interesting to know that Sicily is only 140 km from Tunis, North Africa, for those planning a long trip.

Best places worth visiting in Sicily

Palermo is the best place to start the tour of the north ledge of the island. His approach could begin in the Baroque Vigliena or Quattro Canti, which for a Spaniard presumes a sudden journey into the golden century, as it was built in the early sixteenth century, when Sicily was a Spanish viceroy. Sicily is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea. With the boat rental sicily offered by Samboat, you can enjoy this island and all its natural and historical treasures at your leisure.

Trip to Sicily

Continuing on Via Vittorio Emanuele, we immediately met the cathedral, which has the structure of a mosque, as the Sicilian writer Vincenzo Consolo told me (1933-2012). Although the predominant styles are Gothic and Baroque, what captures the attention is the oriental air that emerges from the whole. Palermo also seduces with the authenticity of its streets. Less well taken care of than other European cities, the Sicilian capital retains charming places that the tourism boom has not changed.

The islands create extreme links, which is why every Sicilian wants to return to his homeland. And something similar happens with those who visit it. They will always want to return to an island that is a melting pot of Mediterranean cultures.


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